Analysis of Straits Times Index (STI)

Quick question to the readers, what is your view of the current situation of STI?

  1. Bull market
  2. Bear market
  3. Not sure as I don’t know what is going on as market is too volatile

(Please leave your views in the poll below)

I believe that there should be quite a number of us falling in the 3rd category as in this era of Internet of things where we are heavily bombarded by multiple different views of both “Bulls” & “Bears” through different sources of information (news, Facebook, media etc) which confuse our minds.

So how do we stay clear of the clouds and understand the situation so that we don’t lose money?

In such a volatile market, we are taking advantage of knowing “Technical Analysis”to help us obtain valuable insights of the current short term market directions.

05032016 - STI Index Analysis

05032016 – STI Analysis

From this analysis we can see that STI had break out from its mid term resistance in early March 2016 and had shown strong buying interest from the market.

We hope that this quick analysis would provide you with a better picture of where the near term market is heading towards.

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