Impact of Interest Yield Curve

Are you wondering when is the next Global Financial crisis? I believe that many of us have the same question in mind as well.

When I ask myself, below are the few possible large market events that comes into my mind:

  1. World War – (i.e. N.Korea, Syria etc. So far, risks have been rising but the financial impact have not been translated into the market yet as probability of occurrence is not certain)
  2. Political changes (i.e. New president, elections etc)
  3. Currency changes (this would be dependent on the country’s policy and generally it is not disclosed, however impact would be limited to the affected country)
  4. Interest rate changes

For point 1,2 & 3, it can happen out of a sudden where anything can happen (i.e. sudden escalation of war, freak election results, sudden change in policy etc).

This leaves us with point 4 where interest rate change.

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