July 2017

Commodity: Gold

This week, I will touch upon the precious metal: Gold (yellow precious metal, used in jewellery and decoration and to guarantee the value of currencies).   Since Brexit, we can see from many article pointing that gold have “bottom out” from downtrend. In fact, when we look at the long term secular trend, gold is still having its uptrend (as shown in the 2nd chart below).   Analysis of gold… Read More »Commodity: Gold

Some Forex Pairs to share

AUDUSD As mentioned earlier, most XXXUSD has broken their mid-term resistance and AUDUSD (AU in short) is one of them. This has been my favourite pair since i started trading 2 years back, mainly due to positive swap when longing it. EURAUD   EUR has been on a nice uptrend for the past few months. With more and more speculations on it going higher, I am more interested to long… Read More »Some Forex Pairs to share

Dollar Index (DXY)

    Since Donald Trump became the president of the United States, the stock market had very much moved in one direction – Bullish. With the expectation to lift the Dodd Frank Act, financial stocks are picking up at extraordinary speed. However, the DXY (Dollar Index) has been falling with no intention of reversal at this very moment. With such bearish momentum, it is likely that the first support zone… Read More »Dollar Index (DXY)

Sheng Siong Group Ltd (OV8)

    Sheng Siong Group is engaged in the supermarket operations and trading of general and wholesale importers and exports. The Company operates through the provision of supermarket supplies and supermarket operations segment through 40 supermarket/grocery stores located all across the island. The Company’s chain stores are designed to provide customers with various shopping options ranging from an assortment of live, fresh and chilled produce, such as seafood, meat and… Read More »Sheng Siong Group Ltd (OV8)


It have been almost a year since I have posted on GLP & I am pleased to share that GLP has announced the potential bidders for privatization! For those whom have bought since the article would generate a 72% return (excluding dividend) in a year 🙂   Congrats & welcome to world of investments where there are abundance of opportunities!   Article 1: https://www.investwhizz.com/2016/07/31/global-logistic-properties/ Article 2: https://www.investwhizz.com/2016/11/13/global-logistic-properties-update-1/