June 2018

Investing or Trading? To use Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis Technical analysis is the study of a stock’s price and volume data. Its purpose is to determine which way a stock is likely to move in the near future. The stock chart is the weapon of choice for this type of analysis. There are a few different types of technical analysis, but generally speaking, it’s used to evaluate trends, identify significant price levels, and ultimately… Read More »Investing or Trading? To use Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

Update on – CNMC GOLDMINE (5TP)

The last post on CNMC Goldmine was done on 14 Apr 17 and we felt that it would be good to revisit on the stock.   Gold price have been going up steadily since the “bottom out” seen in 2017 (refer to analysis below). CNMC on the other hand had a drawdown in entire 2017 due to the issue of low ore grade. Outlook: Fundamental of CNMC remained sound on… Read More »Update on – CNMC GOLDMINE (5TP)