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Red Flag #3

Major part of the Profit is

Non Cash

In the below scenario, we are seeing company’s core business Revenue decreasing from 20 Mil to 5Mil over 2 years. However Other income have increased from 50 Mil to 100 Mil in the same period. This gives an impression that company is doing well as total revenue is increasing over the years.

  2018 2017 2016
Revenue 5 Mil 10 Mil 20 Mil
Other income 100 Mil 80 Mil 50 Mil
Total Revenue 105 Mil 90 Mil 70Mil
% Increase in Revenue 17% 29%  
Cash Flow from Operations (10 Mil) (5 Mil) 10Mil


Red Flag: Revenue increased rapidly over the past few years but >90% of the revenue is non cash. We would question the ability of the company to realise its assets.

How can this happen:

Company booked substantial non-cash gains such as

  1. Unrealised gains from investments including options & futures
  2. Fair valuation gains on assets such as Investment properties or assets held for trading
  3. Gain on sale of fixed assets
  4. Equity accounting in associate companies
  5. Revenue are on long credit terms (cash will not be receive after a long time)



The company is running a very high risk on the ability to recycle the money to continue its normal day to day running of the business.

Without adequate cash received from its Sales, the company would have no choice but to borrow money to fund its expenses.

In the long run, this company would face rising interest cost and it would definitely affect the overall performance of the company.

In extreme cases, the company might not remain solvent and would be faced with a credit crunch.


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