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Welcome to Week 12th. This week’s post is very critical as there was a large event news with regards to the shift in Fed’s policy on the interest rate going forward.

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As usual, the technical analysis would be segregated into 3 parts

  1. Short Term – This would be updated once a week
  2. Mid Term – This would be updated once a month (Next update End Apr 19)
  3. Long Term – This would be updated once a quarter (Next update End Jun 19)

Important Note 1: Past dated analysis is after the Mid/Long Term Analysis below. This is for us to track our past track records.

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Short Term analysis (Updated Week 12 – 24th Mar 19): (Do join for Free to view the analysis):


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Mid Term analysis (Updated Week 10 – 9th Mar 19):

  1. Analysis is similar to short term, we would expect gold to reach 1,305 level to test the immediate resistance for bull confirmation


Long Term analysis (Updated Week 10 – 9th Mar 19):

  1. We can see that gold continue to make higher low which would be a good sign for a bullish wave.
  2. However, do note that if gold is not able to break out in the upcoming weeks, we would be seeing a ranged bound scenario.



Past 2019 analysis:



Short Term analysis (Updated Week 11 – 17th Mar 19): Actual as per expected:


  1. We have seen that Gold had retested 1,302.80 last week and went to a high of 1,311.30 and close off the week at around 1,302 level.
  2. This signify that the resistance is broken where it is now the new support and next level to be tested would be in the region of 1,327.
  3. The bullishness of Gold is supported by the expected decline in USD Index as mentioned last week.
  4. Below are the Gold & USD charts to put things into better perspective. Do send me a private message in Facebook if you would like to know how do I read the charts.





Short Term analysis (Updated Week 10 – 9th Mar 19): – Actual as per expected

  1. After hitting a high of 1,346.75 on 20 Feb 2019, we can see gold had performed a healthy correction.
  2. In every bull wave, it is important for correction to happen for the momentum to be sustainable.
  3. In the upcoming week, we would expect gold to retest key Fibo level of 1,302.80 and next resistance level of 1,327.00
  4. Fundamentally, this is supported by the fact that Non Farm Payroll (NFP) results has came way below expectations
  5. We can see that USD Index had a drastic drop on Friday night, did a wig saw and close off lower.
  6. Coincidentally, this is also the 3rd time that USD Index failed to break above the resistance line.


Please see below link for analysis done in 2018 : 

Technical Analysis: Gold (Updated Week 52) 29th Dec 2018 (Short, Mid & Long Term updated)

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