InvestWhizz Investing Philosophy & Launch of InvestWhizz Investing Tool (F.O.C. Beta Testing)


Dear Readers,

I would like to thank you for the support to InvestWhizz over the years and I am delighted to share that InvestWhizz has reached our 2nd milestone where we are officially launching our very own Investing Tools! 


We are launching theses tools to our subscribers (currently F.O.C) with the small request of you providing feedback on how else can we further improve on the same and report any bugs that you found. Whomever have added the most value in this beta testing would be granted life time free access to our tool!
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The main reason for us to create our own Investing Tools is to help us to reduce the time spent to screen through the massive list of listed companies around the world and to reduce the time spent on performing first cut analytics of the financials of the company.
The time freed up would be channeled into performing qualitative and technical analysis of the stocks.


When it comes to Investing, our philosophy is transpired into the below steps:
Step 1: Right Numbers – Quantitative Fundamental analysis of the financial data (can be semi-automated by using Investing Tool as step 1; to perform in-depth analysis as a step 2)
Step 2: Right Quality – Qualitative analysis of the business model, Industry & management team
Step 3: Right Time – Applying Technical analysis on the chart and look out for signals

There are thousands of companies in the world where it used take ages for us to go through them 1 by 1. This motivated us to create a simple stock screener where we can focus on zooming into the companies that are matching to the criteria that we wanted (i.e. basis size, financial performance and valuation through various forms of filters).

Post filtering out the list of companies; we would proceed to use the stock analysis tool to further zoom into the details of the particular company at a single click of a button.

Instead of spending few days/weeks to perform the tasks, we are now spending lesser than 30 minutes each time to perform the same tasks. This is the power of automation and where the world is currently heading to.


In case you would like to know more, below are the link and the screenshots of the Investing Tools:

  1. Stock Screener – 
  2. Stock Analysis Tool (Currently launched for US market –



Stock Screener:

  1. You may select the market that you want to look into by clicking the box highlighted in red.
  2. Filters can be selected through many different different criteria (i.e. Market cap, Volume, % change, historical price performance, Fundamental data and Technical moving averages).








Stock Analysis Tool:

  1. After obtaining the list of stocks from the stock screener, you may then then perform the analytics through the stock analysis tool.
  2. The tool would provide you the information of the company, the latest financial information along with the technical chart for your easy reference.
  3. We have also done a dynamic in memory calculation of our proprietary Fundamental Analysis to provide InvestWhizz Score on the particular stock.
  4. Along with it, we have pulled the important data such as debt, valuation and liquidity ratios along with the operating performance, profitability and cashflow indicators.



We hope that these tool would be of good help to you where it allows us to fulfill our mission statement of “Investing made simple“.


Should you have any queries on the above posting, do feel free to post in the Telegram group as well. Please feel free to share to those whom you think may benefit as well.


Stay safe, stay alert and NEVER over trade in any circumstances. Lets learn and enjoy the journey together!



Ernest Koh

InvestWhizz Founder



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