Invest Whizz usher you into the new decade: Year 2020!

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Dear fellow friends & readers,


I would like to start off by welcoming everyone into Year 2020!

Year 2020 is significant because it is the start of a new decade where the world would continue to transform and I believe that many of the “impossible tasks” today would become a possibility over the next 10 years.

While it is exciting to watch how the world is transforming, it is important for us to be updated and keep in mind on how such transformations would affect us so that we could plan ahead.

Personally, I believe that in order to be successful in Life, one need to meet the right people, be at the right time and make the right decisions. These would only be possible when you are in the situation where options are available. Planning and be ready for such opportunities would be essential.


Below are some of the events that are currently happening where it would be very common over the next 10 years:

  1. Robotic process automation (RPA) would be used worldwide across industries – this would mean that repetitive work would be taken over by computers
  2. Knowing & using programming language (Python, Java, Matlab etc) would be essential for the next generation – this would mean that, next generation would be able to complete work at much effective and faster pace
  3. Mass deployment of Artificial intelligence – from the perspective of large scale driver-less car
  4. Belt and Road initiative – initial target to be completed by 2049, technological advancement could potentially speed up the process
  5. Climate emergency set to worsen – 2019 have been declared as climate emergency where situation would worsen if things don’t change drastically from now on
  6. With Oil prices going up, topic of alternative source of fuel would be there
  7. Artificial Intelligence/Face detection CCTV – currently deployed in China
  8. 5G/6G technology
  9. Advanced hypersonic weapons
  10. Crypto-currency as main mode of payment.I am just listing the above top 10 in my mind as the list would go on and on.

With this list, it would be good to look at which listed companies would benefit from the advancements and invest in them – do share your thoughts in Invest Whizz telegram chat group!


Personal Reflection for 2019:

2019 is year of transformational, learning & growing for myself where I have committed to regularly post my trading methodology and ideas selflessly in Invest Whizz web and Telegram group.

The process of creating the posts helped me to reinforce my ideas, allowed me to take objective views on the charts and as a result, my trading/investment profitability have been spectacular.

Key learning:

  1. Leverage on automation is important – developed & launched Invest Whizz US stock analysis tool & screener
  2. Always be open on ideas – i.e. learnt quite a few new ways of interpreting Technical analysis from Trading view library
  3. If the strategy is not working, move on – i.e. if the strategy is not working on certain FX pairs, don’t attempt it
  4. Explored on the idea to combine Chinese Metaphysics into trading (special thanks to William for supporting) – learnt that the probability of hourly/daily chart are too random; it works better on forecasting of events).
  5. Gain/loss are part and parcel of trading – Whenever there are losing trade, I would remind myself that, I did not really lose, I just earned lesser.
  6. Portfolio sizing and focusing on risk to reward is important – there have been a period where my trades are going in the wrong direction 2 months in a row. When I look back, the guaranteed stop loss and sizing helped me a lot – “lose small win big” concept helped me to turn the situation around quickly and transformed losses into into profitable trades in no time.
  7. Trading is not risky/dangerous if you are disciplined – I will only place a trade on CFD when guaranteed stop loss is used. This will ensure my drawdown/downside risk is limited and upside would take care of itself. Instead of having full cash to open the position, the power of leverage worked in favor.


Recap of 2019 post – Post vs Actual:

Below are the recap of 2019 post vs actual, I am happy to share that the average hit rate is 76%. This is reflecting the truth that there are no Holy Grail in investment and yes, there would be a 24% of the time which the trade would turn sour.

This also reinforce the importance of Risk to reward Ratio. With a hit rate of 76% and Risk to Reward of 1:2R, the annualized return would easily be 128% (you can test it out yourself :))


P.s.: Results speak louder than any guarantees that anyone can provide 😉


Below is one of the quick poll done in Invest Whizz Telegram: We can see that out of 48 votes, 25 pax has taken action and 71% of the population whom have taken action are having fun and made money along the way.

(I would take this up as a challenge to see what can be done to help the the remaining 29% to make money in 2020 and beyond as well)




S/n: Post Week Price: Content of Post Actual Jackpot?
(Yes: In line with post
No: Not in line with post)
Average % Hit rate: 76%
1 10-Mar-19 Week 10 Gold: 1,298 ST: Gold up
MT: Gold up
LT: Gold up
1,302 – 1,327 range
Gold up – 1,311 and close 1,302 Yes
2 17-Mar-19 Week 11 Gold: 1,302 ST: Gold up
MT: Gold up
LT: Gold up
1,302 – 1,327 range
Gold up – 1,313 Yes
3 24-Mar-19 Week 11 Gold: 1,313 ST: Gold up
MT: Gold up
LT: Gold up
1,302 – 1,345 range
Gold up – 1,345 on 17 Jun Yes
4 24-Mar-19 Week 11 USD (DXY): 96.55 ST: Down USD (DXY): 97.53 No
5 8-Jun-19 Week 23 Gold: 1,340 ST: Gold up
MT: Gold up
LT: Gold up
above 1,370, sky is the limit!
Gold up – above 1,370
(20 Jun)
6 8-Jun-19 Week 23 USD (DXY): 96.56 ST: Down USD (DXY): 95.82 Yes
7 8-Jun-19 Week 23 DJI: 25,983 ST: Up (corrective wave) 26,271 DJI: 26,271 (17 Jun) Yes
8 25-Aug-19 Week 35 DJI: 25,898 ST: Down DJI: 27,221 (12 Sep) No
9 25-Aug-19 Week 35 Gold: 1,527 ST: Gold up (but resistance ahead)
MT: Gold up
LT: Gold up
would not go above 1,568
Gold up – 1,550 (5 Sep) resistance came in Yes
10 25-Aug-19 Week 35 Bond yield down Bond yield down Bond yield down Yes
11 1-Sep-19 Week 36 Gold: 1,555 ST: Gold down – Correction
MT: Gold up
LT: Gold up
correction 1,450 range
Gold down – 1,450 (26 Nov)
similar chart pattern as year 2010 correctly spotted
12 1-Sep-19 Week 36 2823: 14.52 ST: Up
15 range
2823 A50: 15.28 (18 Oct) Yes
13 23-Sep-19 Week 39 Gold: 1,524 ST: Gold up
MT: Gold up
LT: Gold up
Back to 1,550 range
Gold extended down to 1,450 (26 Nov) No
14 28-Oct-19 Week 44 Gold: 1,505 ST: Gold up
MT: Gold up
LT: Gold up
Back to 1,550 range
Gold extended down to 1,450 (26 Nov) No
15 28-Oct-19 Week 44 USD (DXY): 98.19 ST: Down
96 range
USD (DXY): 96.42
(31 Dec)
16 28-Oct-19 Week 44 GBP/USD: 1.28 ST: up GBP/USD: 1.32
(31 Dec)
17 1-Dec-19 Week 49 Gold: 1,463 ST: Gold up
MT: Gold up
LT: Gold up
Back to 1,550 range
Gold extended down to 1,518 (31 Dec) Yes



As mentioned above, in order to be successful in Life, one need to meet the right people, be at the right time and make the right decisions.


Would you be willing to taking the right action to increase your knowledge in Trading/Investing and be profitable no matter where the market goes?


Start by joining Invest Whizz community to receive updates on latest post on the articles and Invest Whizz Telegram to learn and grow together. (Yes, its F.O.C. FYI :))

Note: I am intentionally sharing knowledge freely for everyone to be aware that Trading/Investing can be straight forward (not only for the pros).


Happy New Year! May all of us “Huat” together!

(Do like and share this post if any of my past articles have benefited you before).


Thank you.



Ernest Koh

InvestWhizz Founder


P.s. I have received certain request on how to take this to the next level and I am happy to share that Invest Whizz would be launching Invest Whizz Premium sometime in 2020 to support those whom are committed and interested to take Trading/Investing into the next level. Stay Tune 🙂


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