Global Logistic Properties (MC0)

  Global Logistic Properties – Fundamental vs Technical Analysis (Disclaimer: This post is solely for your own learning purpose) Background information GLP has US$36 billion property portfolio encompasses 52 million sqm (559 million sq ft) of logistics facilities across China, Japan, US and Brazil. GLP’s growth strategy is centered on being the best operator, creating value through developments and expanding its global footprint via its fund management platform GLP is a… Read More »Global Logistic Properties (MC0)

Fundamental Analysis

I am a strong believer of Fundamental Analysis (FA). FA is the foundation of investing. There is this saying: If the base strong and good, the structure can withstand any thunderstorm. FA helps us to determine the overall health of the company through the following 3 area of focus: The business’s financial numbers: i.e how is the financial health of is its income statements (profitability), its balance sheet (Financial position), its Cashflow, its future earnings… Read More »Fundamental Analysis


As mentioned 2 weeks ago, STI had break out from its mid term resistance in early March 2016 and strong buying interest is seen from the market. Lets visit the current STI charts and review to see if it is going in the same direction that we are expecting it to go.   Learning Points: True enough, 1 small pull back had happened (Good entry @ 312 level – congrats… Read More »19 March update – ANALYSIS OF STRAITS TIMES INDEX (STI)