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Hey folks, welcome to the weekly Forex trading ideas. We are in week 34 of 2018. This week’s post shall be short and sweet. Before any continuation, do remember to read the disclaimer. Starting with US index (DXY), after a break up, most of the traders may have longed it upon break up and there is where most traps are laid. From the weekly chart, we can easily see the movement changing… Read More »FOREX TRADING IDEAS (WEEK 34 2018)


Hey folks, welcome to the weekly Forex trading ideas. We are in week 33 of 2018. After a wild bull swing in 2017, many of us, including me, were expecting a stronger swing in 2018 but this didn’t happen. Market decides to take a break and start moving sideways. Then with the ongoing trade war saga and Euro issues (as always – high debt with the mentality of working less,… Read More »FOREX TRADING IDEAS (WEEK 33 2018)


Hey folks, how do you fare from the recent DXY range? Hope you guys are doing well. Before we continue further, do remember to read the disclaimer. We came out from all our positions at Break Even (BE) after Dollar rallied past the 95.50 zone. So what’s next? Well it is simply telling us to still follow the trend and there is nothing wrong with it as the market is always… Read More »FOREX TRADING IDEAS (WEEK 32 2018)


Hope you guys have had a great trading week. Before we continue further, do remember to read the disclaimer. It has been a volatile week last week with US dollar tanking before reversing on Friday. Nonetheless we are still seeing a bearish structure setup for DXY (Lower Low and Lower High). From our last post, we can see the current set up still valid unless US Dollar Index breaks up… Read More »FOREX TRADING IDEAS (WEEK 30 2018)

Forex Trading Ideas (Week 28 2018)

Welcome back to InvestWhizz as we publish some trading ideas for your reference along the weeks to come. Before we continue further, do remember to read the disclaimer below this article. Forex trading is a leveraged product and as such it may not be suitable to all. Back to the topic, Market has been rather volatile for swing trading of late, as such we have reduced our trading entries to… Read More »Forex Trading Ideas (Week 28 2018)

Investing or Trading? To use Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis Technical analysis is the study of a stock’s price and volume data. Its purpose is to determine which way a stock is likely to move in the near future. The stock chart is the weapon of choice for this type of analysis. There are a few different types of technical analysis, but generally speaking, it’s used to evaluate trends, identify significant price levels, and ultimately… Read More »Investing or Trading? To use Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

iFast Corporation (SGX: AIY)

iFast Corporation Limited One Stop Investment Platform Growth Play   Singapore | Financial Service Investment Merits New product expansion. 2017 has seen iFast being admitted as a trading member of the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and a clearing member of the Central Depository (CDP). Further on, during Q2’17, iFast Financial, a unit of mainboard-listed iFast Corp, launched its stock-dealing service for Singapore listed stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on its… Read More »iFast Corporation (SGX: AIY)

Market Review 2017

Personal Review 2017 As the year is coming to an end and traders/portfolio managers are going for their Long holidays, market is likely to go quiet. 2017 has been a good learning ground for myself. 2.5 years in the market as a novice trader has indeed grind me to be more aware over various market condition. It hadn’t been a smooth ride of which May to August were the toughest… Read More »Market Review 2017

Update on DXY (Dollar Index)

  As we moved nearer to the end of last week, USD moved up as per predicted. With such a bullish engulfing candle, we are looking to long USD on any retracement. USD has been facing strong sell-off since Donald Trump became the president of United States. With such strong sell off, we are expecting a temporary relief from the oversold USD but not to a great extend. Thus, please… Read More »Update on DXY (Dollar Index)

Some Forex Pairs to share

AUDUSD As mentioned earlier, most XXXUSD has broken their mid-term resistance and AUDUSD (AU in short) is one of them. This has been my favourite pair since i started trading 2 years back, mainly due to positive swap when longing it. EURAUD   EUR has been on a nice uptrend for the past few months. With more and more speculations on it going higher, I am more interested to long… Read More »Some Forex Pairs to share