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Thanks for the messages and comments in Facebook! Below is part 3 of the Learning Series: Profit from Red Flags. In this part, we will complete the Income statement and Statement of Cash flow Link for the earlier post:       Income Statement checklist: Checkbox Red Flag Pointers Revenue Abnormal fluctuations Cost of Sales Abnormal fluctuations Gross Profit Thin margins Other income (Interest/Dividend/Non-operating income) Exceptionally high one off item… Read More »LEARNING SERIES: PROFIT FROM RED FLAGS – #3


Thanks for all the likes in Facebook! As promised, below is the continuation of the earlier article. Link for the earlier post:   Below is one of the “secrets” that I have been using to assess the “Health” of the company’s Balance sheet. In order for all of us to excel together, do continue to ask question/debate on the points where everyone would be able to benefit and learn and… Read More »LEARNING SERIES: PROFIT FROM RED FLAGS – #2

Learning Series: Profit from Red Flags – #1

Today is the day when I turned 30. In addition to weekly articles on stocks/market updates, I have decided to give everyone a special present by way of kick starting “InvestWhizz – Learning Series”. I am pleased to share that the first series would be: “Profit from Red Flags!” (will continue writing this only when there are > 50 likes, so please do share with your peers for us to learn… Read More »Learning Series: Profit from Red Flags – #1

Investing or Trading? To use Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis Technical analysis is the study of a stock’s price and volume data. Its purpose is to determine which way a stock is likely to move in the near future. The stock chart is the weapon of choice for this type of analysis. There are a few different types of technical analysis, but generally speaking, it’s used to evaluate trends, identify significant price levels, and ultimately… Read More »Investing or Trading? To use Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

Market Review 2017

Personal Review 2017 As the year is coming to an end and traders/portfolio managers are going for their Long holidays, market is likely to go quiet. 2017 has been a good learning ground for myself. 2.5 years in the market as a novice trader has indeed grind me to be more aware over various market condition. It hadn’t been a smooth ride of which May to August were the toughest… Read More »Market Review 2017


It have been almost a year since I have posted on GLP & I am pleased to share that GLP has announced the potential bidders for privatization! For those whom have bought since the article would generate a 72% return (excluding dividend) in a year 🙂   Congrats & welcome to world of investments where there are abundance of opportunities!   Article 1: Article 2:

Global Logistic Properties (MC0) – Update #1

  It have been a while since I have last posted about GLP and now it is time for a quick review on the same. As mentioned in my earlier post, GLP is a fundamentally sound company and the  good performance have been translated in the recent 2 quarters of  GLP’s financial results. I believe that GLP is well positioned to capture the growing demand of modern logistic especially when… Read More »Global Logistic Properties (MC0) – Update #1

Fundamental Analysis

I am a strong believer of Fundamental Analysis (FA). FA is the foundation of investing. There is this saying: If the base strong and good, the structure can withstand any thunderstorm. FA helps us to determine the overall health of the company through the following 3 area of focus: The business’s financial numbers: i.e how is the financial health of is its income statements (profitability), its balance sheet (Financial position), its Cashflow, its future earnings… Read More »Fundamental Analysis